Big Bang by Charlotte Upitis, 2014
I used improvisation to make space. A technique my Mom taught me that she learnt from Nancy crow. I like to just cut fabrics freely and see where it takes me. When I was done the quilt I ended up... more
Stripy stripes by Macy Grable, 2015
This is my first quilt that I have ever made! I named my quilt stripy stripes because I made my quilt from jelly roll strips. I became interested in quilting after watching my mother quilt and use... more
Happiness by Karlie Grable, 2015
My quilt is called Happiness. I named it this because it is very colorful and bright. I found a pattern called "the Lady" by Villa Rose Designs. The fabric is from Me and My Sisters. I machine... more
"Colorful bricks by Karlie Grable, 2014
This is my first quilt that I have ever made. I became interested when I started watching my mother use the long arm quilting machine. I designed my own quilt and picked out my own fabrics. She... more
Piece by Taylor Mesmer, 2015
I took twelve fabrics, that are bright, and cut them in 12 inch squares. I then cut them into the same unequal pattern. After that I mixed up the fabrics so there was three different colored in each... more
This is my quilt. by Lulu McMahon, 2015
I saw the quilt Mumma made and it was too small. I wanted a big one for my own bed. Hers was orange and white. I wanted orange but with pink and purple too. And lots of lines. I sketched this quilt,... more
Itsy Bitsy Hexie Quilt by Sofia Locke, 2015
I started the Itsy Bitsy Hexie Quilt two years ago adding slowly onto it bit by bit. It is hand sewn using the English Paper Piecing technique over 1/2" paper templates with tiny crumbs of paper left... more
Ka-Bloom by Sofia Locke, 2013
I made Ka-Bloom using Aneela Hoey's Bloom quilt pattern. I used my favourite colour fabrics for the flower petals. I cut the pieces using acrylic templates and a rotary cutter and pieced them... more