Modern Fans by Suzy Williams, 2015
This quilt design is the geometric abstraction of industrial fans. By starting with a set structure in mind, I reduced the elements until they were in their simplest forms. The gradation in color... more
Skylight View by Jennifer Rossotti, 2015
This quilt was inspired by the paths of airborne birds viewed through skylight windows. Portions of the design were constructed using the foundation paper piecing technique. Designed in Adobe... more
Under Currents by Patty Sloniger, 2015
This quilt was directly inspired by the oceanic fabrics I wanted to use. The top is pieced to simulate ocean currents, using half-square triangles in a decidedly diagonal direction, while the... more
red hot by Shawna Doering, 2015
The first thing I focus on is how colors interact with each other. This often makes really interesting and surprising color combinations. Then, I find a way to use traditional quilt blocks or shapes... more
Find Joy by Nicole Maroon, 2015
"I designed this quilt for an event called Fun A Day in January of 2015. The purpose of the event is to spend a few minutes each day doing something creative, as a way to endure the short, cold days... more
The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts by Cassandra Beaver, 2015
Six separate sections of vibrantly colored violets combine to create a unified central image. Tightly spaced matchstick quilting continues the color of each segment outward to the edges of the image... more
Dowie by Emily Cier, 2015
"Drops of rain falling in the night, blown by the winds off the Sound and illuminated by the street light. A pattern for Dowie is published in Color Continuum no. 04 Duochromatic by Emily Cier/... more
Activating Space Medallion by Jacquie Gering, 2015
This medallion is one in a series of medallion quilts exploring ways to activate space in modern quilt design. The space around the quarter circles is used to provide a focal point, add rotational... more