Curious by Amy Friend, 2014
This mini quilt was made as a personal challenge to design a minimal quilt with large scale piecing (proportionally to the size of the quilt) and to explore the diamond shape. I decided to place the... more
Dizzy Geese by Kathie Beltz, 2014
"Dizzy Geese" is made of two sizes of Migrating Geese, moving off into the distance. Not only does the echo quilting echo the geese, but it also forms other geese within the quilting. Greenfield,... more
Pop pop by Charlotte Newland, 2013
This quilt was a challenge to myself to see what can be made using a 2.5" charm pack. The tiny size made it the perfect medium for intensive hand stitching. London, United Kingdom 10" x 10"
Trajectory by Lauren Hawley, 2014
I've always wanted to make a quilt which reminds me of the course of a rocket, or of any goal or path, with all of its veering off and back on again. I considered calling the quilt The Trajectory of... more