Alturas Carkai by Carolyn Friedlander, 2015
Curiosity drives many of my projects. In this one, I couldn't wait to see how one of my designs on fabric would work with a quilt that I'd designed a few years prior. It explores the relationship... more
Glade by Carolyn Friedlander, 2015
In exploring a design, I sometimes get more excited and intrigued the more that I work with it. Glade is the perfect example of that being the 4th project originating from the same initial concept.... more
Ebb by Carolyn Friedlander, 2015
A colorful array of stacked crescents is where my Ebb quilt began. I wanted the sliding and layering of shapes to be made from little bits of a lot of different things. As I cut out the pieces, I... more
Roundabout by nancy thornburg, 2015
This quilt design was inspired by mid-century modern art. Its' simplistic repetitive pattern is complemented by the concentric circles and repeated lines of the quilting (so beautifully done by... more
Collection by Carolyn Friedlander, 2015
In this quilt, I wanted to explore shape and color. Shape not only because of its technical role in needle-turn appliqué--one of my favorite techniques--but also because of the versatility of shape... more
Everglade by Carolyn Friedlander, 2015
Inspired by a road-trip sighting, this design started with a simple, perforated-lattice shape which I explored through variation in scale, color and fabric. I wanted the quilting to not only... more
Positively Transparent by Paige Alexander, 2015
I attended a workshop taught by Lizzy House focusing on color theory and design principles. Armed with colored pencils and graph paper, I started with the simple plus sign and focused on the effect... more
Barcelona by Paige Alexander, 2015
Inspired by the artwork of Donna Mibus who recreated the panels flanking a Turner mirror from the late 1950's, I turned to the Quick Curve Ruler to construct the biconcave shapes and set the blocks... more