let's connect by christopher thompson, 2015
In a world overwhelmed with technology, it's easy to get tangled up in living life on a screen. Let's commit to disconnecting and reconnecting the old fashioned way.
January by Liz Harvatine, 2015
I designed this pattern for the LAMQG's 2015 block of the month. It is one of several designs I've made that involve layered, interlocking curves. I used Adobe Illustrator to create templates.
Crackle by Amy Garro, 2015
This quilt was an exercise in pushing myself in my piecing & free motion quilting. I designed this paper-pieced pattern, focusing on creating sharp points. I used the flowing quilting designs to... more
Concordia by Nancy Purvis, 2014
Concordia came about from another design I had sketched. As I tweaked the design, a more complex design emerged. I colored the tips of the geese to offer sharp, contrasting triangles and chose... more
Under the Radar by Corinne Sovey, 2015
I wanted to design a quilt that played with concentric circles and negative space. The entire quilt is traditionally pieced, no applique was involved. The stripes were paper-pieced on giant templates... more
Shattered and Mended by Lindsey Sanders, 2015
While I designed and constructed this quilt, I was working through some personal struggles. After being diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I felt broken. I had to put myself back together again... more
Cog by Emily Cier, 2014
"Monochromatic cogs smoothly spinning like a fresh rotary cutting blade. A pattern for Cog is published in Color Continuum no. 01 Monochromatic by Emily Cier/Carolina Patchworks."
The Hive by Jennifer Bailly, 2015
The Hive was made from playing around with squares and ¼ circles. Using neutral colors to highlight the pop of yellow – the hive. The circular quilting is meant to draw your eye around much like a... more