Jungle Ave Tapa by Michelle Wilkie, 2015
"The design was inspired from Tapa cloths that I had picked up in the Pacific Islands. Tapa cloths are a plant based geometric printed cloth usually using a limited color palette of brown, white and... more
powder blue by Shawna Doering, 2015
Experimenting with color combinations is my favorite thing. There are endless possibilities! I always start with this when beginning a quilt. Next, I enjoy simple design elements and I love to... more
Neutral Courthouse Steps by Kristi Schroeder, 2015
A modern take on a traditional block, courthouse steps, I wanted to explore the use of color to influence the design and movement throughout the quilt.
Corsage by Stacey Day, 2015
Corsage was created for the Riley Blake challenge. I was testing a pattern for a friend and thought that the small pieces were perfect for little snapshots of the fabric. After quilting, my husband... more
Tilting at Windmills by Susan Strong, 2015
The design for this quilt came from some block doodles I had done on the back of an envelope. I expanded on the block ideas using EQ7 and completed the quilt design. I printed foundation paper... more
Pickled Beets by Latifah Saafir, 2015
I love the classic shapes found in traditional quilts. Pickled Beets was inspired by the triangles that are captured in curves found in some Pickle Dish quilts. This large arcs of this quilt were... more
Counterclockwise by Elaine Poplin, 2015
A new spin (HA!) on a familiar pinwheel design. I made the pinwheels interlock so that the block construction is harder to recognize. The lighter background section is that size because I ran out of... more
Songs of a Distant Lancaster by Tami Levin, 2014
I've always admired the saturated colors of Amish quilts because of the graphics and boldness, especially bar and chevron quilts. With my favorite solids I pieced a controlled improvisation of the... more