Since moving towards solid fabrics, I enjoy creating geometrical quilts using large scale piecing. The thing I love most about my quilts is the dichotomy between the bold and rigid piecing and the... more
Represent by Debbie Grifka, 2015
I've been playing with lines a lot in my designs and I love designs that can be taken at face value and, at the same time, have a hidden meaning. The placement of the lines in Represent is based on... more
Mesa by Nancy Purvis, 2014
During my travel through the Southwest, I was amazed by the beautiful scenery. It was quite different from my lush, green, and tree-studded homeland-North Carolina. What I found most fascinating... more
Sliced by Nicole Neblett, 2015
The colors for this quilt were inspired by a blouse with random lines of black, cream and gold. In sketches, I experimented with the placement of lines to create slices of color radiating at various... more
Red X by Nicole Neblett, 2015
One night I challenged myself to make a quilt block in 10 minutes as part of the "Improv with Intent" charity quilt challenge. I used red, gray, and cream fabrics and the "slice-and-insert" technique... more
No Sleep Till Brooklyn by Allison Chambers, 2015
My quilt designs are often inspired by pop culture references, as is the case with this one. I thought it would be funny to make a quilt featuring the Beastie Boys' song "No Sleep Till Brooklyn,"... more
The Other Side by Carson Converse, 2015
I was thinking a lot about why we work so hard to get "somewhere" while making this quilt. Life can feel like an uphill battle, yet we don't always pause to think about what is on the other side.... more
Cancer & Taurus (Constellation Quilt) by Amber Corcoran, 2015
"I created this quilt while designing blocks for each of the twelve astrological constellations. This quilt uses two of the constellations, Cancer and Taurus, my husband's and my astrological signs... more