Young Prince (Charming) by Stacie Dolin, 2015
I wanted to highlight the massive amount of output that Prince has worked on and released since he first appeared on the music scene nearly 40 years ago. I chose to transform this image of him from... more
Hearts Desire by Autumn Overton, 2015
This is my first large quilt that I made. I used solid fabric that I won from The American Made Brand mini quilt challenge. I added patterns for my own style and used half square triangles so I... more
Fossil by Nancy Purvis, 2014
Fossil looks at lines partially unearthed. Focusing on asymmetrical shapes and triangles, it offers visual interest. Choosing a bold red allowed the design to take center stage against a white... more
Reflection by Nancy Purvis, 2015
Reflection started with simple lines that were eventually reflected to create a symmetrical design. Paper piecing was used to achieve accuracy.
Handcrafted Triangles by Jennifer Johnston, 2015
This quilt started with a bundle of Alison Glass's Handcrafted fabric line, some coordinating chambrays and a desire to do some relaxed piecing after a stressful day at work. I felt that... more
Digital Waves by Jennifer Johnston, 2015
I love creating a gradual fade from one colour into the next in my quilts. The small triangles produced by the EZ Quilting 60 degree triangle ruler were perfect to produce the fading effect I wanted... more
F*CK THE QUILT POLICE by Nancy Purvis, 2015
The title is intentionally strong and does not apply to professionally judged quilts. FTQP encompasses all the frustrations from people who want to quilt but won't because they fear what others will... more
The Big Swirl by Betsy Vinegrad, 2015
"The Big Swirl" is a twelve sided log cabin block designed in Electric Quilt 7. The pattern, inspired by the spiral quilts of RaNae Merrill, was printed on 35, separate, 8 1/2 by 11 inch foundation... more