Amish-ish by Ruth Beeby, 2014
This quilt was created for an exhibit of modern quilts inspired by Amish designs. I drew on the many Amish Quilts that use the traditional Roman Stripes quilt block. The name comes from many... more
Modern Dresden by Lori Landenburger, 2015
I love to modernize traditional quilt blocks, and my favorite shape is the triangle. I was inspired by Denise Schmidt's Crafty Planner podcast to update the Dresden Plate, a very traditional block,... more
White Spaces by Bev Bird, 2013
"""…to find a balance between minimalism and a sense of richness."" These words from Yoshiko Jinzenji's book Quilt Artistry epitomize the challenge inherent in modern quilting, and I wanted that sort... more
Places Unfold by Heidi Parkes, 2014
The thirty-six squares in this quilt investigate various ways in which a person might move across the earth. Among them are maps of my former homes, and world destinations like the Arc De Triomphe;... more
Night and Day by Heidi Parkes, 2015
The large expanses of navy blue in this quilt create an area of negative space in the piecing. This space is then used to emphasize the hand quilting in the work. The quilting is done in a Sashiko... more
Night Flight no. 1 by Heidi Parkes, 2014
This quilt depicts the earth as seen from above at night in an airplane. It's improvisationally pieced using variations of the Seminole patchwork technique, which is a reminder of the affects of... more
Untitled - Ash Series by Lavialle Campbell, 2015
As an improvisational quilter, I am always searching for unusual solid color combinations to complete my designs. I picked these disparate colors, started cutting and stitching, and enjoyed the... more
Bubble Gum by Margaret (Kathy) Greer, 2015
"Bubble Gum (2015) Designed, Pieced and Quilted by Kathy Greer 822 S. Eunice St. Port Angeles, WA 98362 (360)"