Stories we tell by Natalie Sabik, 2015
This quilt was pieced in an improvisational style. The design and color represent the stories that we weave and create to explain our identities and experiences.
Wavelength by Rebecca Bryan, 2013
Made from solid fabrics, this improvisational pieced quilt mimics a watercolor of graphic triangles. As each triangle overlaps the next, the two colors blend together; this effects adds a layer of... more
Phyllo by Scott Griffin, 2015
Through the forest canopy you can see a glisten of light. It is exciting to sit back and look at the colors in my stash and I find it challenging to try to see how many different colors from the same... more
urban suburban by Tracy Baird, 2015
This quilt began as a study of sewing small, in a mind-stretching class taken with Chawne Kimber at a retreat. The teeny improvisational log cabins are dense, and they are surrounded by a rough-hewn... more
Paper Cranes by Sylvia Schaefer, 2013
I have long enjoyed origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. In Japanese tradition, strings of a thousand origami cranes are thought to bring good luck. I wasn't about to paper piece quite that... more
November Nights by Giedra Bowser, 2015
I have always had a great crush on the moon. We go way back. This quilt, November Nights, is my love poem to the moon. It is a reflection of, not only my heart but of me as a quilter. Limits were... more
Bias 4 by Alissa Carlton, 2015
This quilt is another in my Bias series, all non-block based quilts, in which I explore turning piecing on the bias. Dense straight line quilting emphasizes the piecing design.
Lots of Cream, Lots of Sugar by Heidi Parkes, 2014
My favorite painting is Mark Rothko's untitled orange work at The Art Institute of Chicago. Enveloped by the expanse of color, my eyes love to linger on every drip and transparency. This white quilt... more