6one2 by Colby Lowrey, 2015
This quilt was designed to document my time living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I began with a grid outline of the state of Minnesota and decided to leave some edges incomplete to represent my... more
Horseshoes & Hand Grenades by Rebecca Burnett, 2015
One of my favourite sources for quilt inspiration is Tilman. He is a graphic designer with a Tumblr account called geometrydaily and he creates a minimal composition based on geometric shapes every... more
Fish & Visitors by Rebecca Burnett, 2015
"On one of my frequent Pinterest jaunts I saw ""156"" by Richard Purdy. His work is encaustic on plywood but to me it just screamed, ""Turn me into a quilt!"" I was intrigued by his use of pattern... more
Communication by Janet Schoenfeld, 2015
This piece was inspired by a 3 day workshop taught by Marge Tucker, focused on improvisational design and piecing with a modern aesthetic referencing Gwen Marston's books, including sewing techniques... more
Every Little Hungry Schoolgirl's Pride and Joy by Rebecca Burnett, 2015
I was inspired by all the pixelated quilts I saw at QuiltCon 2015 but I wanted to try a different take on the idea. While looking for an image that was iconic enough to be recognizable, but not so... more
Pathways by Janet Schoenfeld, 2015
My group created this as part of our Baltimore guild controlled bee activity. This quilt represents the many paths we take on our journeys and what we discover and encounter along the way. Maria's... more
Fading Star by Jessica Schunke, 2015
I loved the idea of starting with a traditional block and then breaking it down into its elements, making them fade away until the block eventually "dissolved" into the background. I started with the... more
Blueberries For Sal by Elisa Albury, 2013
The deconstructed bear paw block in this baby quilt is inspired by the classic children's book Blueberries For Sal by Robert McCloskey, a personal favorite. In this story two "children" get separated... more