Ka-Bloom by Sofia Locke, 2013
I made Ka-Bloom using Aneela Hoey's Bloom quilt pattern. I used my favourite colour fabrics for the flower petals. I cut the pieces using acrylic templates and a rotary cutter and pieced them... more
Frog prince Reflections by Sofia Locke, 2014
I started this quilt at a workshop with Faye Packham at the Ulladulla Quilters Gathering. Her pattern is called Japanese Reflections. I used the fabric line called Prince Charming by Tula Pink and... more
Sunset on the Bay by Juli Smith, 2015
I have an obsession with the color orange. And I also have an obsession with sunsets. I often will sit at the edge of the water on Mission Bay in San Diego after a walk and watch the sun, sky and... more
The Color of Squares by Juli Smith, 2015
I had been thinking about this pattern and the contrast between black and white for years, and finally decided to construct a few blocks. As I started to play with the blocks and rotate them, the... more
RoundAbout by Marcia DeCamp, 2012
"An old solution to managing traffic at busy intersections is gaining new popularity. The rule of ""yield to left traffic and move to the right"" allows entrance to the many road choices depicted in... more
Bursting Blues by AnnMarie Cowley, 2015
I designed an identical quilt for the online Pantone Radiant Orchid challenge in 2014 using a combination of Elisa's Backyard Drunkards Path template and the Mod Pop template from Julie Pickles... more
Nestled Together by AnnMarie Cowley, 2015
After settling on two ideas, I went with a third, more simple design aligning triangles vertically in colors that I love.
1981 by Nancy Purvis, 2015
1981 began with no pattern but was a complex puzzle pieced one block at a time. I never knew which color or shape would come next, except within the block itself. Although 1981 is improvisational... more