Antlers by Nancy Purvis, 2015
Antlers was inspired by a set of antlers given to me from a friend. Because of my love for interior spaces and design, I knew that antlers were on trend, and I decided to try to make a modern quilt... more
Piece 12 by Lissa Alexander, 2015
when working on a catalog cover I combined all the newest fabrics and sorted them by color. This rainbow of colors then became the cover of PIECE, Issue 12 catalog for Moda Fabrics, spring 2015.I... more
The Long Winter by Catherine Redford, 2013
"Originally made for a Log Cabin Challenge I cut all the colored pieces from one charm pack, added white and stitched the log cabin blocks with no real plan what to do next. Serendipity brought them... more
This is my quilt. by Lulu McMahon, 2015
I saw the quilt Mumma made and it was too small. I wanted a big one for my own bed. Hers was orange and white. I wanted orange but with pink and purple too. And lots of lines. I sketched this quilt,... more
Molecular by Jess Frost, 2015
Molecular was inspired by molecular structure, microscopes and general geekiness.
Patch Nine by Dora Cary, 2015
Patch Nine is a take on the traditional Nine Patch block and I created it when I was asked to create a quilt with some of Carolyn Friedlander's fabrics. Patch Nine has a minimalist vibe, enhanced by... more
I Have This Thing With Floors by Lorena Uriarte, 2015
I follow a very inspiring Instagram account @ihavethisthingwithfloors, the daily posts spark my creativity. Geometrically tiled floors and quilts have much in common and have always attracted me. I... more
Itsy Bitsy Hexie Quilt by Sofia Locke, 2015
I started the Itsy Bitsy Hexie Quilt two years ago adding slowly onto it bit by bit. It is hand sewn using the English Paper Piecing technique over 1/2" paper templates with tiny crumbs of paper left... more