The Ripple Effect by Janice Ryan, 2015
The Ripple Effect is a variation on a Half-Square Triangle Block. One block is repeated throughout the quilt to create vibration and movement.
Aftermath by Jacquie Gering, 2013
Aftermath was made in response to the bombing at the Boston Marathon and was inspired by the last image I saw when I turned off the coverage on TV. In every act of violence there is aftermath, both... more
Balancing Act by Stephanie Ruyle, 2015
A playful study of circles, triangles and color, Balancing Act was a test of piecing skills with different circle techniques and insert triangles in differing scale. The incorporation of... more
Inverted #1 by Carson Converse, 2014
Inverted #1 was inspired by the overlapping lines and shapes used in mid-century graphics. It is also one of many triangular designs that I was working on at the time. This quilt is a study in the... more
Modern Spelunking by Stephanie Ruyle, 2015
Guild Traditional to Modern Challenge based on the split rail/rail block. When the quilt was finished it reminded me of cave stalactites and stalagmites. The quilt is also pieced without specific... more
Solid + Plaid Modules by Christine Barnes, 2015
Plain solids and woven plaids make up these shimmering color modules. Light gray-and-white strips separate the units and create a sense of layering, as if the modules float on an airy background. In... more
Accumulative Effect by Stacey O'Malley, 2015
"This quilt features the accumulated scraps from my first 25 quilts. It uses scraps from every quilt I have ever made. I started with 8 improvised large scrappy blocks, organized by colour. I mixed... more
QBI (The Quiet Beauty of Imperfection) by Jenny Lyon, 2015
My work is not about perfection. I love the edited beauty of whole cloth quilts. I've taken traditional quilt blocks, improvised a bit and put them on whole cloth (no piecing). I free motion quilt on... more