Who Gives a Flying FQ About Accuracy?

July 26, 2017
9pm EDT, 6pm PDT 

Do you give a flying FQ about accuracy? While we love the freedom and creativity of improv-piecing, sometimes quilters require accurately pieced blocks for charity projects, guild block lottos, bees, planned projects of a required size and preserving carefully pieced points. Fabric is expensive and time is precious; in this webinar Krista will share tips for achieving accurate blocks throughout the process of cutting and piecing to pressing. She’ll cover readily available tools, notions and hacks to up your accuracy game while reducing the need for unsewing. If you share Krista's aversion to the seam-ripper, set yourself up for success the first time with a quick and easy scant ¼” seam test you can perform on any sewing machine with any presser foot. Stop stretching blocks to fit and say goodbye to puckers, sliced off points and “fudging it.” Warning: this webinar includes debate-inducing opinions like side-pressing vs open pressing. We hope you’ll join in! 

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