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Modern Quilt Guild members are invited to submit their teacher listing for a cost of $75/year. The purpose of this online directory is to provide quilt guilds, shops and shows information about modern quilting workshop instructors and lecturers. You must be a member to be listed in this directory. Upon your listing approval, we will send you an invoice.

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Payments: All major Credit/Debit Cards or PayPal are all acceptable methods of payment. After approval of your listing, you will be sent an invoice. Our Terms are payment in full within thirty days. The listing will not be posted until paid for in full. By using this directory you agree to the following Terms of Use: The Modern Quilt Guild’s teacher/speaker directory is run as a service for MQG members and cannot take responsibility for the quality of the items presented herein. All listings are a limited duration and will be removed after one year of display. Teacher/speakers assume all risk and liability arising from their offer for services. The MQG does not assume responsibility for the content or the context of the listings. The MQG will not remove or edit listings once they are entered into the service. The MQG cannot guarantee preservation of records, and may expire information without notice, at its sole discretion. The MQG cannot guarantee that we will notice or prevent any inappropriate use of the system. Payment terms are to be agreed upon between teacher/speaker and booking contact. The MQG is not involved in the transaction. The Rules and the Terms and Conditions of this Disclaimer may be amended from time to time, by The MQG in its sole discretion. The MQG and its subsidiaries are hereby released of any liability and held harmless in regard to the listing and teacher/speaker agrees to indemnify The MQG for all cost and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, incurred by The MQG in providing this service. The customer agrees that all provisions, charges, collections, services, and negotiations shall be enforced in accordance with the law of the State of California. All materials included in this listing are for general informational purposes only and may not reflect the views of The Modern Quilt Guild.